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Volume: 3, Issue: 5, Sep-Oct, 2015
DOI: 10.7324/JABB.2015.3507

Research Article

Regeneration of plantlets of Piper longum L. through in vitro culture from nodal segmentsb

Bandana Padhan


Plantlet regeneration in Piper longum L. has been achieved from nodal segments excised from in vivo grown plantlets cultured on MS medium supplemented with growth regulators. The present investigation was carried out to regenerate plantlet of Piper longum L through in vitro culture. Nodal segments from one year old plants of field grown Piper longum were used as explants for initial culture. The nodal explants were cultured on MS medium supplemented with different concentration and combination of cytokinines and auxines for primary shoot proliferation. The best shoot proliferation was observed in MS medium containing 1.0 mg/l Kinetin and 1.5 mg/l BAP where 98 % of explants showed proliferation with highest rate of shoot multiplication (5-6 shoots per explant). Callus induction occurred in (1 mg/l) BAP and (0.5 mg/l) Kinetin and 10-15 days of callus subculture initiation of greenish white shoot buds was observed. For rooting, the in vitro micro shoot were inoculated to MS basal media supplemented with 0.5 mg/l IAA and rooting was more profuse. The regenerated plantlets were successfully established in soil with survival rate 90%. The protocol described is simple, rapid efficient for in vitro propagation of P. longum (L.) from nodal explants and soil establishment of plantlets.

Keywords: Piper longum, shoot regeneration, In vitro-propagation, tissue culture, plant growth regulators.


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Bandana Padhan. Regeneration of plantlets of Piper longum L. through in vitro culture from nodal segments. J App Biol Biotech. 2015; 3 (05): 035-039. DOI: 10.7324/JABB.2015.3507



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