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Volume: 1, Issue: 2, July- Aug, 2013

July- Aug, 2013

DOI: 10.7324/JABB. 2013.1202

Research Article

Isolation and characterization of Soybean DREB 3 transcriptional activator

Sarosha Nasreen, J. Amudha, S. S. Pandey

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Cotton ( Gossypium hirsutum ) is an important cash crop and its productivity is significantly hampered by Abiotic stresses, such as drought and high salinity. High salt imposes negative impacts on growth, agronomy traits, seed quality and quantity and thus reduces the yield of cotton. To cope with salt stress, cotton plant has to develope several tolerance mechanisms, including: (i) maintenance of ion homeostasis; (ii) adjustment in response to osmotic stress; (iii) restoration of osmotic balance; and (iv) other metabolic and structural adaptations. The regulatory network for abiotic stress responses in higher plants has been studied extensively in model plants such as Arabidopsis thaliana. A novel soybean DREB (dehydration-responsive element-binding protein) functions as an important transcriptional activator and may be useful in improving plant tolerance to abiotic stresses in plants. Based on its similarity with AP2 domains, DREB3 was classified into A-5 subgroup in DREB subfamily in AP2/EREBP family. A DREB orthologue, DREB3 ,a 528 bp fragment of DREB3 containing the DNA-binding domain was amplified using the primer pair 5# -CCCTCTAGAGAATTCATGGCGAAACCCAGCAGC-3# (forward) and 5#-CCCCTCGAGCGGCATTTCCGGCACATA-3# (reverse). The amplified product was electrophoresed using 1.5% agarose gel and the fragment was eluted. The eluted fragment was quantified using nanodrop and then subjected to poly -AAA -tailing and cloned into pGEM-T easy vector kit. The soybean DREB 3 gene functions as an important transcriptional activator and may be useful in improving of plant tolerance to abiotic stress in cotton plants.


Soybean DREB 3, abiotic stresses, Gossypium hirsutum.


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