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Volume: 5, Issue: 4, July-August, 2017
DOI: 10.7324/JABB.2017.50408

Research Article

Genetic drift in six cultivated populations of Terminalia arjuna

Pramod Kumar Sairkar, Shweta Chouhan, Amit Sen, Rajesh Sharma, Raj Kumar Singh


Low genetic diversity among five cultivated populations of Terminalia arjuna was revealed using DNA fingerprints generated by ten commercially available random (RAPD) primers i.e. RPI01 to RPI10. Out of ten primers, eight primers generated total 79 bands with 87.34 percentage of polymorphism, while primer RPI02 and RPI08 did not show amplification. Applied all 8 primes having a good polymorphic informativeness among the populations (mean PIC = 0.355 ± 0.032 and Ho = 0.463 ± 0.018). Higher genetic variation, gene diversity (H), Shannon's Information index (I) and Percentage of polymorphic bands (PPB) among populations (H = 0.290 ± 0.162, I = 0.440 ± 0.221 and PPB = 87.34%) was observed compared to within populations (maximum H = 0.165 ± 0.212, I = 0.239 ± 0.304 and PPB = 39.24%, minimum H = 0.026 ± 0.104, I = 0.038 ± 0.150, PPB = 06.33%). Low average gene diversity (π = 0.075 ± 0.062) within population, higher pair-wise Fst (ranged from 0.498 to 0.844) among the population and Analysis of Molecular Variance (AMOVA) shown adequate genetic variation among population (Pv = 75.57%) but serious low genetic variation within populations (Pv = 24.43, ΦST = 0.756). Among the populations of T. arjuna the higher relative differentiation (GST = 0.7843) with restricted gene flow GST (Nm) = 0.1375 was observed. Unbiased measures of genetic distance and phylogram revealed that all locations have their once genetic identity and they arranged in their respective clusters. Lowest distance was shown by accession collected from JNKVV and TFRI Jabalpur.

Keywords: Terminalia arjuna, genetic and molecular diversity, population genetics, relative differentiation and gene flow, AMOVA, polymorphic information content (PIC), heterozygosity,


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Sairkar PK, Chouhan S, Sen A, Sharma R, Singh RK. Genetic drift in six cultivated populations of Terminalia arjuna. J App Biol Biotech. 2017; 5 (04): 048-056.