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Volume: 1; Issue: 3, Sep-Oct, 2013
DOI: 10.7324/JABB.2013.1304

Research Article

Variety and environmental effects on crude protein concentration and mineral composition of Arachis pintoi (Kaprovickas & Gregory) in Benin (West Africa)

ADJOLOHOUN Sebastien, BINDELLE Jerome, ADANDEDJAN Claude, TOLEBA Seibou Soumanou, HOUINATO Marcel and SINSIN Brice


In tropical regions of West Africa, low crude protein and mineral concentrations of forages are often reported as the most constraints for livestock nutrition. Forage legumes have generally better crude protein and mineral concentrations than grasses. Three year trials were conducted in Benin on four Arachis pintoi varieties (CIAT 17434, CIAT 18744, CIAT 22160 and AFT 495) in two ecological regions (humid and subhumid). The objective was to identify their crude protein content and mineral concentrations in order to make recommendations for their use in ruminant production systems. Varieties were established through randomised complete block design arranged in a split-block where regions were main plots and varieties were subplots replicated four times per variety. Plant forages were harvest five months after establishment, dried and analysed for crude protein and mineral nutrient contents. Data were analysed with GLM model. Results showed that year had no significant influence on crude protein nor mineral contents of forages, but region and variety had both significant influence (P

Keywords: Arachis pintoi, crude protein, mineral contents, Benin.


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